Hi all, For those new to Science Utopia, we have provided a brief overview of the website.Science Utopia is a website founded by Sci-Fry (on the forums). He created a forum and a blog to go with it.

The forums are steadily growing, and in it one will find an array of various science-related discussions, along with a section for general conversation. The aim of the forum is for all members to submit their views over the various discussed issues, and improve their own understanding of them.

In this blog, you will find all the latest news in the science world, including the latest scientific researches and podcasts.

Enjoy browsig the website, and we hope to see you in the forums!

The SU Team



  1. Dear Science Utopia Team,

    My name is Peter Lavelle, and I’m an online journalist at Printerinks.com News.

    I am writing because I thought you might be interested in an article on a recent scientific development. It might make a good topic for your blog.

    It’s the possibility that scientists will be able to print organs in the future. You can read about the topic here:


    Have a great day,

    Yours sincerely,

    Peter Lavelle

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