Posted by: scienceutopia | September 8, 2007

A new, more effective CPR procedure?

After recent studies, biomedical engineer, and Purdue University professor Leslie Geddes has developed a new method of carrying out CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation).

The new, alternative method, which works by pushing against the abdomen rather than the chest, is said to increase the blood flow by an incredible 25 percent more than the current CPR process.

According to studies, the current CPR method only has a 5 to 10 percent success rate, and can vary depending on the efficiency at which the CPR was performed. This, according to Geddes, is far too low a rate to cope with, who says that, “Any medical procedure that had that low a success rate would be abandoned right away, but the alternative is not very good, either – don’t do CPR and the person is going to die.”

Geddes enumerated some of the major problems with the current, standard CPR, which included the risk of transferring infection from mouth-to-mouth breathing, the possibility of breaking the ribs if one were to push too hard against them, and added, “but if you don’t push hard you won’t save the person”.

According to Geddes, the new CPR method should obviate the occurrence of some of these risks.

The research appears in the American Journal of Emergency Medicine.

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  1. Lol, well, we’ll see how this new procedure goes! Hopefully people will be informed about it soon, because it may help them in life-threatening situations!

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